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Heavy Hitters, Kanha Treats, Stone Age - Patient Appreciation Day

Stop into Kush Alley on Friday, September 7th from 12pm-3pm for the Heavy Hitters Patient Appreciation Day

About Heavy Hitters

The first to put consistent, high quality oil in a vape cartridge, Heavy Hitters prides itself in industry-leading True Ceramic technology paired with the best of the best Cold-Filtered distillate. Bearing the CCG seal, Heavy Hitters' vape cartridge meet and exceed California's standards for safety and quality.


Stop into Kush Alley on Friday, September 7th from 4pm-7pm for the Kanha Treats Patient Appreciation Day

About Kanha Treats

Reminding adults to enjoy the fruits found on life’s journey. Kanha Treats are infused with high quality THC oils that were scientifically extracted to provide a reliable dosage and a pure, enjoyable experience.

Kanha Treats believes that joy is synonymous with health. We aim to shine a positive light on marijuana products by setting high standards in product quality and in cannabis product messaging.


Stop into Kush Alley on Friday, September 7th from 5pm-8pm for the Stone Age Garden Patient Appreciation Day

About Stone Age Garden

Aristotle was quoted as saying, “Nature does nothing uselessly”.

At Stone Age Garden, we are following his lead. Bio-Organic hydroponics and Bio-Dynamic outdoor farming is a holistic, ecological, ethical, spiritual approach to farming and gardening.

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