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PK Farms & Kurvana Customer Appreciation Day

PK Farms will be in the house from 1-4 PM for a customer appreciation presentation.

About PK Farms:

“Our goal at PK Farms is to feature the best Cannabis the world has to offer, right here from the Emerald Triangle. The soil-rich area, along with the micro/macro-climates of the region are able to produce a plant unmatched anywhere.

We will feature the strains we have all come to love, starting with Pineapple Kush. The flavor, aroma, and CBD/THC/Terpine profile of these plants are unmatched in the industry.”


Kurvana will be set up from 5-8pm talking about the brand and we will have discounts on products during their customer appreciation presentation.

About Kurvana:

Kurvana sources only the highest quality raw flower from organically grown cannabis, provided by trusted farmers well-known to the industry. Kurvana uses their proprietary 50-step process to purify the essential cannabinoids, tasty terpenes, and natural ingredients that contribute to the unique experience of vaping with full spectrum Kurvana oil. They never introduce extra terpenes or additives of any kind, because they distract from the plant’s original essence. Simply put: their oil tastes natural because it is natural. Their KPEN device highlights their feats in extraction, revealing an oil with exceptional purity, depth, and complexity.