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Copy of Dr. Norms Customer Appreciation

Dr. Norm’s is in the house from 12-3pm!

Come sample some of their un-medicated treats while taking advantage of the buy two get one for a penny promo!!!

About Dr Norm’s:

“we’re also sensible folks, which is why we’re sticklers about dosage. We want to educate people about responsible dosage as part-and-parcel with our cookies. “KNOW YOUR DOSE” is one of our mantras. (We are the children of medical professionals after all.) Never mix edibles with alcohol or any other controlled substances. And while we understand the cookies taste amazing, always be aware of what you can handle. Start with a small amount so you can learn how your body reacts to marijuana edibles—it’s better to be safe than sorry. We’ll have dosage information on all of our packaging, ensuring you’ll have the best, safest time with Dr. Norm’s cookies.”