Seeding & Cloning

The Cloning Process

Our hydroponic indoor cultivation process starts in a specially designed, climate-controlled incubation room where 2,000 clones a month start their meritorious journey into adulthood.

All of our flowers are sourced from a combination of premium mother plants that display strong genetic traits and offsite tissue culturing facilities. A great amount of research and rigorous testing is dedicated to this particular part of the cultivating process to ensure only the most optimal clones are reproduced. Ideal growth demands 18 hours of daily light mixed with 6 hours of rest for two weeks on average.


Veg Room

Veggin' Out

After spending the appropriate time incubating, plants are brought to our new state-of-the-art Veg room located on the second floor of Kush Alley. In this designated area up to 3,000 plants on custom-made rolling tables are grown to optimal height before being transferred into the Bloom room, where more recognizable “buds” begin to take form. In this room, ideal growth demands 18 hours of daily light mixed with 6 hours of rest for two to three weeks on average.

It’s important to remember that every plant, every strain is inherently different and thereby needs to be maintained and cared for independently. With this in mind, our dedicated space utilizes 51 energy-efficient Caba LED horticultural lights with adjustble spectrum, Argus-controlled irrigation, humidity injection and UV sterilization to optimize growth for the varying strains of cannabis.

Bloom Rooms

Let It Grow

Kush Alley boasts four separate Bloom rooms capable of growing more than XX thousand plants at any given time thanks to a cutting-edge Argus Multi-Feed fertigation process that includes efficient fertilizer, nutrient and irrigation automation.

Employing multi-feed nutrient injectors by Argus, 300+ high pressure sodium grow lights by Gavita, eco-friendly reusable water, and fully-customizable humidity control by Fogco, cannabis plants are able to reach their full growth potential over a flowering period of six to eight weeks.

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Drying & Curing Room

The Flower Sauna

The Curing room is where all plants are eventually brought after they’ve successfully flowered and fully matured. The curing process preserves the plant by using climate-controlled air conditioning, dehumidifiers and automated misters over a period of roughly two weeks per harvest.

For optimal results, including the sweet smell and flavor of premium cannabis products, this room is kept at a steady 65 percent humidity and between 62 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Trim Mask.jpg

Trim Room

High and Tight

Finally, the cured cannabis is expertly handled by our team of select trimmers. During peak harvest time, upwards of 30 professional trimmers fill our custom-built lower mezzanine Trim room. All trimmers are trained to delicately cut away excess leaves and stems, leaving nothing but pure flower.

Trim Staff is required to wear protective masks and gloves, as well as use sterilized scissors to assure quality trim results every time.